We are a specialised Spanish language teaching academy and teacher recruitment agency. We work with the best qualified, experienced, native and bilingual teachers in-company.

Our Method:

The Communicative Language Teaching ( CLT ) approach which is student based interaction. The teacher guides the learner to be more participating.

The goal of language education is the ability to communicate in the target language.

We focus on the teacher being a facilitator or guide, rather than an instructor. Furthermore, the approach is a non-methodical system that does not always rely on a textbook series to teach Spanish, but rather works on developing sound oral/verbal skills prior to reading and writing. As a result there may be more emphasis on skills than systems, lessons are more learner-centred.

Our Parent Company Englishmania

Our parent company, ENGLISHMANIA specialises in English language teaching and teacher recruitment agency for private companies. ENGLISHMANIA is also the Marketing Partner in Spain for the e-learning English language platform, Lingua Attack! the language e-learning platform, and Elsa Speak, personal virtual pronunciation coach.

Our management team, partners, content providers, teachers and collaborators have many years of proven extensive experience in the teaching and training industry to governmental organisations and to the private sectors.

We offer a wide range of English consultancy services at very competitive prices and of the highest quality supported by our partners and collaborators that are characterised by their cordial treatment and spirit of service.

We will love to show you all the possibilities and options at your disposal and are convinced that you will find what you are looking for.

The main goal of our company is, without doubt, to satisfy all the needs of our clients.